Providing leisure schemes for disabled children and young people

DASH Ceredigion History


(HASH) started as a toy library. A letter was sent out to parents of children registered with the (pre Family Support Team now TPA), effectively the first newsletter. It was operated by parents and professionals on a voluntary basis, open after school.


The playschemes started, with one scheme in Aberystwyth during the Easter and summer holidays.

A part-time co-ordinator became the first member of staff, on a 4-month contract. BBC Children in Need was the only source of funding at this point and the schemes were staffed by volunteers.

Early 1980s

Regular parent meetings were taking place, focusing on particular issues:

  • Statementing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Play and Learning
  • Circles of Support

NB. This was before the internet became available as a source of information. There was a very real need for any information that could help them to help their disabled children.


4 schemes operating for all ages and including disabled children and children with “social needs”. These included Lampeter, Aberystwyth and Aberaeron.


Family Support Team came into being and took over the toy library.

Involved in developing the learning support unit.


Became part of Dyfed Barnardo’s project.


CHIPS project started for siblings.

After schools clubs ran for about a year in Newcastle Emlyn and Aberystwyth.


The link with Barnardo’s was ended.

The playschemes separated at age 11 and the Teen Scheme started.


Development Officer Appointed.

Un-ac-un Project started, linking disabled 16-25 year olds with volunteer support to access leisure facilities.

3 Years of Lottery funding.


HASH became DASH.

DASH & FST Joint parties at Ty Glyn began.


DASH Away Weekends started with a £300 grant from Mencap. This project was kept separate from the other schemes, with its own funding and co-ordinator. Later this was funded by the Carers’ Support Schemes (under various names).


The schemes alter focus to cater exclusively for disabled children and their siblings.


The Teen Scheme altered focus, it was no longer venue based and Siblings were no longer included. This meant smaller, more manageable groups.


Cymorth Funding started – Playschemes and CHIPS.


The DASH Away Weekends and other schemes were were combined.


Rights Into Action Project Started. Young disabled people were supported to attend various participation activities including Ceredigion Youth Forum & Children in Wales’s Young Disabled People’s Network.

Volunteers Co-ordinator appointed


Jules Montgomery left and the role of development officer became that of Project Manager – Rachel Stelmach, who came into the post in July.

Nicola Venus stepped up to become the schemes co-ordinator.

Family Support Team became Tîm Plant Anabl (TPA).

DASH Away Weekends suspended due to requirement to register as Children’s Home.

Lucy McIlroy joined as Volunteers Co-ordinator.


CHIPS scheme ended. The Cymorth Funding for the scheme was given over to the Young Carer’s project, which does include those who are caring for siblings.

Gail Young joined as Schemes Co-ordinator.

Nikki Binetti took over as Volunteers Co-ordinator.

Arts Into Action project began.

Website launched.


Frendzabout transferred from Dim Prob to DASH.

Extra Hands transferred from RAY Ceredigion – became “Ymuno”.

Saturday Creu Project started.

DVD launched.

Ian O’Hara joined as administrator.


DASH Away Weekends re-started.

Saturday Creu Project culminated in Family Day at Denmark Farm.

Ymuno + Scheme launched.

DASH Activity Days and Frendzabout merged to become DASHAbout.

DASH BASH Project started.


Careyann Nicholson took over as Volunteer Co-ordinator.

DASHABOUT Frendz developed further to include 3 sessions a week from September.

DAW registered to take children and yound people from 8-18 years.


Jo Kennaugh joined DASH as Development Officer replacing Rachel Stelmach


In December The Big Lottery funded UNO project started with the appointment of Pamela Marsden as coordinator. This is a transition project for young people aged 14 to 25.