Providing leisure schemes for disabled children and young people

If you’d like to help DASH by Donating, we can take donations on line via PayPal or the Big Give or you can send us cheques or bring us cash. The latter will add Gift Aid automatically.

This is totally secure and safe. When you click on the button, you will be taken to the PayPal/Big Give website where you can decide how much to donate and make your payment. In the ‘Description’ box on the PayPal page, please write in what your donation is for e.g. *Scheme contribution *Sponsorship *General Donation *Donation for a specific scheme or purpose If you would like to use this option to pay for scheme contributions, please make sure that you give us your telephone number so that we can confirm your payment with you. If you are making a donation, you don’t need to give us your telephone number.

Thank you very much

If you are a U.K. taxpayer, we can reclaim 28% of your donation in Gift Aid. If you donate via The Big Give, Gift Aid will automatically be added. If you prefer to use PayPal, we can still claim Gift Aid, if you are a UK taxpayer. All you have to do is insert your name and address (first line plus postcode is enough) after the text in the box below, then copy the whole lot, and paste into an email by clicking here or on the PayPal Review page, click the + sign where it says “Insert Gift Aid or Other Info Here” and paste into the box that appears.

I, having given my name and address below, want the charity DASH – Disabilities and Self Help, charity no 1163672, to reclaim tax on this donation and any future donations. I understand that I must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax equal to the tax reclaimed by the charity on the donation. Name: Address: Date:

Alexis is Dashing for DASH

On the 14th April 2019 I am taking on the challenge of running a marathon to raise money for the charity DASH. Over the last six years I have been on a running journey. I have gone from non-runner to half marathon runner and running a marathon is the next step for me. However, this will be a massive challenge, I was not born a natural runner and this will take every piece of willpower that I have.
DASH are amazing, they make a difference to peoples lives in so many ways. The schemes that DASH run not only give families much needed respite but also help the young people supported grow as individuals. This allows them to build their confidence, self-esteem, independent living skills and gives them the opportunity to develop friendships. So please support not only my journey but also that of the young people and families that DASH support by giving generously and allowing DASH to continue with the excellent work that they do.